The Cryosphere Ecology group studies the interactions between organisms and their environment in cryospheric ecosystems such as snow, glacier ice, and glacial sediments. We combine field sampling and experiments, laboratory analysis, and computer modelling to address important questions about how the vast cryospheric ecosystems will change in the warming world.

Our current research projects are focused on providing a theoretical framework of Greenland Ice Sheet ecosystems and developing a tool for prediction of its future change, quantifying the rates of microbial metabolism of subglacial organic carbon and their environmental controls, and quantifying the contribution of (micro)biological processes to surface albedo change on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

We are part of the Department of Ecology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, Czechia.

Marek, Petra, Jakub, Tyler

CryoEco 2017 field team in front of Russell Glacier, SW Greenland


CryoEco 2016 field team in front of Drangajökull, NW Iceland

Team CryoEco 2015

CryoEco 2015 field team in front of Kuannersuit Sermia, Disko Island, W Greenland

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