Marek features in a video on Greenland microbes & melting

Peter Sinclair, the man behind the influential videoblog Climate Denial Crock of the Week, has made a great video about the role of microbes in surface melting of the Greenland ice sheet. It features all the usual suspects, including Marek.

Peter says:

“5 years ago the idea that microbial, or algal, growth on the Greenland ice sheet was not getting very much attention, although scientists have known for decades that ice was, in fact a habitat for some kinds of microorganisms.

In recent years, several research groups have been looking in detail at the darkening of the ice sheet – and understanding that, as the planet warms, and ice melts, more liquid water means more habitat for bugs, more darkening, more melt,..  you get the picture.”

Watch the full video here or here.