New paper on controls of microalgal community structure in cryoconite

A study led by Tobias Vonnahme conducted during his stay at the Centre for Polar Ecology at the University of South Bohemia and co-authored by Jakub Zarsky has been published in Biogeosciences. It addresses the apparent contrasts in community composition in cryoconite holes of different glaciers adjacent to Petunia Bay in central Svalbard. The study indicates the importance of grazing by metazoans for nutrient recycling supporting the eukaryotic microalgae rather than cyanobacteria.

Vonnahme T. R., Devetter M., Žárský J. D., Šabacká M., Elster J. (2016) Controls on microalgal community structures in cryoconite holes upon high-Arctic glaciers, Svalbard. Biogeosciences 13:659–674 doi:10.5194/bg-13-659-2016