Current projects

Green New World: Unraveling microbial community assembly patterns in vanishing glacier-fed streams (PRIMUS; 2022 – 2026; PI Tyler)

Microbial Production and Release of Methane (CH4) from the Greenland Ice Sheet (MARCH4G) (ERC CZ; 2020 – 2025; PI Marek)

Past projects

The surface of the Greenland ice sheet as a model for microbial macroecology (GrISMEME) (GAČR; 2019 – 2022; PIs Marek & Jakub)

Microbial methane oxidation in subglacial ecosystems: An unknown methane sink under glaciers and ice sheets ( GAČR; 2018 – 2021; PI Marek)

The bright future of subglacial ecosystems: Impacts of deglaciation on microbial activity and carbon cycling at glacier beds (GAČR; 2015 – 2017; PI Marek)

Cold origin of land plants (GAUK; 2017-2018; PI Jakub)

Where we work

Our sampling sites since 2015 are marked in the map below, including links to relevant papers.