Jade Hatton

Dr Jade E. Hatton

(BSc, PhD University of Bristol)

Jade looking busy

I am interested in biogeochemical cycling of polar environments, particularly understanding how subglacial weathering processes impact the wider ecosystem. I have previously worked on improving our understanding glacial silicon cycling and the implications of subglacial weathering on silicon export, via isotopic analysis of subglacial, proglacial and near coastal glacial waters.  Now, I am focusing on the biogeochemistry of subglacial processes driving glacial methane export to better understand the origin, potential fluxes and implications of subglacially derived carbon released from Greenland Ice Sheet.

Recent publications

Hatton JE, Hendry KR, Hawkings JR, Wadham JL, Benning LG, Blukis R, Roddatis V, Ng HC, Wang T (2021) Physical weathering by glaciers enhances silicon mobilisation and isotopic fractionation. Geochemical Perspectives Letters 19:7–12 doi: 10.7185/geochemlet.2126

Hawkings JR, Linhoff BS, Wadham JL, Stibal M, Lamborg CH, Carling GT,
Lamarche-Gagnon G, Kohler TJ, Ward R, Hendry KR, Falteisek L, Kellerman AM, Cameron K, Hatton JE, Tingey S, Holt A, Vinšová P, Hofer S, Bulínová M, Větrovský T, Meire L, Spencer RGM (2021) Large meltwater source of mercury from the southwestern margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Nature Geoscience 14:496-502 doi:10.1038/s41561-021-00753-w

Delvigne C, Guihou A, Schuessler JA, Savage P, Poitrasson F, Fischer S, Hatton JE, Hendry KR, Bayon G, Ponzevera A, Georg B, Akerman A, Pokrovsky OS, Meunier J-D, Deschamps P, Basile-Doelsch I (2021) Silicon isotope analyses of soil and plant reference materials: an inter‐comparison of seven laboratories. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research doi:10.1111/ggr.12378

Hatton JE, Hendry KR, Hirst C, Opfergelt S, Henkel S, Silva-Busso A, Welch SA, Wadham JL, Lyons WB, Bagshaw E, Staubwasser M, McKnight DM (2020) Silicon isotopic composition of dry and wet-based glaciers in Antartica. Frontiers in Earth Science 8:286 doi.org/10.3389/feart.2020.00286